Saturday, August 14, 2010

Int'l Convention: Day Three & Four 8/7&8/10

Saturday August 7th 2010, The 2010 World Conference is kicking off to a great start by giving out the AWARDS on this day. As we all know, it takes alot of work to get AWARDS, and they don't come easy, but well deserved. It takes alot of heart and soul to do what we do as Guardian Angels, we don't get paid for what we do, we don't get gifts for what we do, and we don't get recognized at time's for what we do.

But that's the way it is because we Dare To Care, we are men and women who choose to go this path for the Safety of this world. Now back to the AWARDS, they mean alot, they also will be handed out by Curtis, he will call up the angel or the chapter to come up and received there AWARD, and this is basically how this is done.

Next comes our guest speakers, FLASH, and ROCKY, these guys really do rock. There leadership very much shows, and come's out when they spoke, they are an inspiration and they inspired us all by there OLD SCHOOL WAYS. There where other speakers that spoke and we do not want to leave them out , we are thankful for the wisdom and there guidance, sorry for leaving out there names but they will not be forgotten.

As we move on into our schedule, there will be three things going on at once, patrol in the Tenderloin Dist., patrol in the city of Oakland, and a First Aid Class, as it all comes together everyone does have a choice. Next all angels head out to there patrols and to there training, we just have to wait and see how this all turns out. The patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. has trouble, there is a fight that they break up, blood is all over the sidewalk, the police are there, the ambulance are there, the situation calms down as the bad guys go to jail and one guy goes to the hospital, there is more but we have to keep it short. As for the patrol in the City Oakland in went well with Ajax leading the way, I did not receive any bad reports about the patrol, great job Ajax.

For the First Aid Training, all angels do need this training, you never know when you will have to use it, this went well. Now we call it night, but we call it a SAFE night, all angels did have a great day and did have a great night, what more can you ask for.

Sunday August 8th 2010, Last day for The 2010 World Conference. We start out with Chapter meetings with Curtis Sliwa, to talk about, where are we at, where are we going, and what we need to be doing. It is very important for us to be discussing these things, to see what our future holds and to see how our chapters are building.

Next we have two things on our schedule today, we have a patrol to Per 39 and a self-defence class, while there are still meetings going on at the hotel. The patrol to Per 39 went well, it was more as a better view of our city patrol, at least the angels got to see apart San Francisco that is the good side of our city before they left back to there city's and there country's. The meeting spot for all angels is the hotel, all angels must be at the hotel to leave back to there destination's, all angels must be on time for there flight's. As we are prepared if someone does mess there ride or there flight, we do have a back up plan, this is took care of by Confront, our California Director he will be incharge of this. Well it has been great or it has been good, either way we think we will be remembered.
Thanks To All The Guardian Angels That Showed Up For This 2010 World Conference!


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