Saturday, August 14, 2010

International GA Convention: Day One 8/5/10

Thursday August 5th 2010; This is the day the 2010 World Conference begins, and there will be Guardian Angels from around the world here in San Francisco for this Conference. All of the chapters from California have put this together to make it the best one ever. All of the Angels had lodging at the Holiday Inn, the location was great it was close to everything, most of all the patrols.

For this first day of the Conference, it is meet and greet for the Angels who where arriving from other country's and city's. There are patrols planned for today and tonight so we do have a big day ahead of us. The first patrol begins in the Tenderloin Dist. it is a day patrol, the teams are ready to hit the streets. On this patrol it is our same tour in this neighborhood, because we know the hot spots in this area, but today it is calm.

One thing did stand out, we the Angels was marching up this one street, we stoped at this bus stop and observe three men smoking crack cocaine, we thought they had just finished it. So we the Angels asked to see there hands, the first guy opens his hands (nothing), the second guy opens his hands (nothing), but when the third guy opened his hands, there it was that one rock he put it to his mouth an swallowed it. We the Angels could not do anything about this, so we explained to the guy to take off and never come back here again, he left.

Day patrol was done the Angels did there job, and the Angels came back to the hotel SAFE, this was a good patrol. As Angels are still arriving from there country's and city's to the hotel, we get ready for our second patrol, it is in the Mission Dist. The teams are ready to hit the streets, for this patrol it is our same tour for this neighborhood as well, we know the hot spots in this area, but it is not the same because it is a night patrol.

There is alot going on tonight, we pick-up dirty needles, we took crack pipes from crack heads, and we pour out alot of alcohol from drinking in public. We made it a little safer tonight for people to come out an enjoy the evening. This is a great start for the 2010 World Conference, there will be more to come, more patrols, more training, and guest speakers that everyone is waiting to see and hear. So lets make this a SAFE and a LEARNING experience for all Angels that is here for this 2010 World Conference.


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