Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carnaval patrol 5/24/09

The 2nd day of the event SUNDAY MAY 24th, THE LA CARNIVAL. We will begin early today because of the parade, meeting time is 9:00am. Everyone has arrived that is going to do this event has arrived, we have 12 angels, 6 angels on each team. Same as yesterday two teams, Greencard will lead the first team, I J.D. will lead the shadow team, and we will use the radios for communication. Next thing to do is our prebreif, and advised everyone again about crowd control because this is the biggest day of the event, everyone was ready and everyone was focused.

Got to the bus stop, caught the #26 bus, next stop 16th St. and Valencia. Soon as we got there we could tell this was going to be one hell of a day, there where a lot of people heading towards the parade, and we where going to head that same direction. The parade began on 24th St. and turned off on 17th St. straight down Mission St. and there was people on both sides of the street.

Our tour begin on 17th st. and to march up to 24th st. as we started the patrol it was not so good, right of the bat we took five beers off the streets from individuals that knew not to drink in public. Then we responded to a electrical cord going across the side walk that could easily make someone fall, it was coming from inside a business, we talked to the owner about it, and he advised us that he would put tape over it for safety, we agreed and went on our way. As the parade began to end we had already toured up and around from 24th st. back down to 17th st. we stopped off for lunch, we regrouped and begin our tour to Harrison St.

This is going to be very exciting evening there is 3 times amount of people than yesterday, but we can handle it, we are Guardian Angels. Once we had got inside the event it was more than we expected for a crowd but it was safe and it was in control by the SFPD. Every time I see something like this I think we need more Angels, but what I have learned over the years is that we need good leaders. The day was closing the night was coming an end, we did what we could and I am thankful for this safe day, so we headed back to HQ on the #14 bus. Today was only the San Francisco Chapter that did this event and we did a good job, a great job, because we are a close group, a family. We did our debreif and we went on our on ways thinking about our next event. THANKS GUYS! your chapter leader J.D.

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