Monday, May 18, 2009

Tenderloin patrol, training, 5/16/09

On Saturday May 16th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels began the day with prebreif, first half of the day patrolling the Tenderloin, second half of the day First Aid and CPR class. I J.D. will be leading the patrol with 9 other angels, total 10 angels, we got outside the building of the Bayanihan House to team up and headed down 6th street toward the TL.

Got to Turk St. same old stuff different day, smoking crack, drinking, and the drug dealing, but we posted up as we usually do, and it got quiet, a bit peaceful. As for this spot we do what we can to the best of our abilities, we have took chances and we have took risks but we are a team, and a team sticks together because we watch each others back, that is why we do this.

We care, we DARE TO CARE, you have be trained and you have to have experience to go to these kind of places. Next to 201 Turk Building for our break, but we headed right back out into the streets because there is so much going on today, the Bay To Breakers and we had our training back the Bayanihan House, so we called it a day in the TL. Got to HQ to find out the trainer for our class was not there, he had to call it off because he could not get away from the class he was in. Plan B, patrol UNION SQUARE, we are not just going to call it a day we are going out on patrol. So we headed to Union Square, posted up on a few corners, went around a few blocks, we took photos with a lot of tourists, and we got to show off our colors in places we don't always go to. Not a bad day, and we came back safe, did our debrief. Thank You guys for a great job, your chapter leader J.D.

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