Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carnaval patrol, 5/23/09

The LA CARNIVAL is a major EVENT of the year for the San Francisco GUARDIAN ANGELS, and this is the first day of the event, SATURDAY MAY 23RD. We did have guests for this event, we had the RENO CHAPTER, and we had the LA CHAPTER at our side.

This is a good thing to get a chance to see angels from other chapters. As we began the day we started with lunch from Subway because we knew how busy the day was going to be, this was good for everyone. Then we got ready to pick out our two teams, pass out our radios for communication, did our pre-brief to make sure everyone knew what to expect in a big crowd. Total angels we have is 16, 16 GA is very good, two teams of 8, we are strong and we are ready.

Got to the bus stop and caught the #14 bus to 16th St. got off at 16th St. and Mission and began our patrol, I (J.D.) was lead patrol, Scorpion my second in command is the shadow patrol. We marched down 16th St. to Harrison St. where the LA CARNIVAL began. The event consists of 7 whole blocks of fun, food, rides, and a lot of people, drinking was allowed only in curtain areas but we know how that goes. We posted up on a few corners and kept our eyes open for anything that could happen, we were focused and we were alert, and yes we did take a lot of pictures from people who had cameras, a lot of pictures.

As the day got later and the event was as peaceful as it could get we decided to call it a day, everyone agreed, we were on 22nd St. and we had to march back down to 16th St. this took some time but we wanted to see if anything would happen and nothing did. So we got to 16th St. made a left and headed back up to Mission St. caught the #14 bus and made our way back to the HQ, got to HQ for our debrief. I was amazed of how this day turned out, SAFE AND SECURE. I ask everyone how they felt, they said they felt tired because this was a patrol, a patrol of all patrols, AN EVENT, but we still have tomorrow to go.

THANK YOU! RENO, THANK YOU! LA For Your Support And Your Help!
Chapter Leader J.D.

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