Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Golden Gate Promenade event 5/31/09

The date is Sunday, May 31st 2009, the time is 7:00am, and on this day is the GOLDEN GATE PROMENADE EVENT at CRISSY FIELD. We begin the day bye meeting at our NEW HQ, 953 MISSION ST. ( Suite 201 ) at 7:00am.

I J.D. and three other members meet there and took a taxi over to this event since we had never been there before, three other,s had drove there and we had two more come bye taxi also. There are nine angels to do this event, this is a good turnout for Sunday, and this shows how dedicated we are. Our contact person is Tatiana she is a cancer victim, but she has a heart of gold, her husbands name is Eric, they where both ready to give this event today because they do this event every year. Our job is to direct the vehicles to the parking area with the signs that we used and to give directions to this event, afterwords we came back to the event area to do security for the perimeter. There was a Band, some Dancers, a Story Teller, Face Painting and much much more. There where other volunteers there also that did a great job, it took a lot of work from all of us but it was well worth it. This day goes out to Tatiana, for being a loving person and a caring person, we need more people like her. At the end of the day it is 4:00pm, the event ended we said our goodbye's to everyone and we did get a ride back to HQ but we stop out for dinner first, as we were driving away each of us angels thank each other for a safe day, a productive day, and a day I myself (J.D.) will always will remember. Chapter Leader J.D.

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