Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shadow's Memorial Service/ TL Night Patrol 9/18/10

Saturday September 18th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels is going to have a busy day today to complete this hole weekend. First half of the day is Shadows Memorial in Richmond, and the second half of the day is a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. To start off this day everyone arrives at the HQ to change into uniform, we then march over to the BART STATION.

We get on the BART, we ride the BART over to Richmond, we get to our stop El Cerito Plaza Station, we then march over to the Memorial. We get to Shadow's Memorial, but it is not just the San Francisco Guardian Angels there, All Guardian Angels are there in SPIRT, even Curtis Sliwa was there in SPIRT. As we all know it is sad to lose a brother, but we all know he is in HEAVEN with GOD now, we will miss you brother.

As we all showed our respect's and our wishes to his family at his Memorial. We did have a lot of good things to say about Shadow at his Memorial of how we knew him as a Guardian Angel. This was a peaceful Memorial, there were alot of his family members there and there were alot of his friends there, and it was a blessing for us to be there. We did want to help out his family as much as we could, and we let his family know we will be there for them in case they ever need us. Rest In Peace Brother Shadow!

Second half of the day, we march back to the BART STATION. We get on the BART, we ride the BART back to San Francisco, we get to our stop Powell Station, we march back to our HQ. Here at HQ we prepare for this night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist.

We do prebrief, Explorer will lead the team of ten angels tonight, we will be using all radios for communication tonight. We call the TL Police Station to check in, now we are ready to hit the streets. For this tour we know our HOT SPOTS and we know our ALLEY'S, you just have stay focus and be alert.

As for this tour we took Crack Pipes and we took Dirty Needles off the street tonight. But tonight of all nights was major, we where sweeping this alley, something did not feel right about this alley, we scared away these addicts, but they left something behind, a 1/4 ounce of COCAINE. Great job by Highlander for having his eye's open, we then walk to the end of the alley where we advise police officers of our find. We then gave the coke to the officer, he did a police report and thank us for a great find. As the tour continued, more Crack Pipes where took off the streets, and more Dirty Needles where took off the streets.

We did have one hell of a night but it was getting late, Explorer decides to call it a night and to march back to the HQ. We get back to HQ, we do debrief, Highlander did get his WINGS for his find, we change back into our street clothes.

The feeling we had tonight is, we came back home SAFE, we came back home doing a great job tonight, this is what it is all about being a Guardian Angel.
Thanks You LA Chapter for your HELP!

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