Friday, October 8, 2010

Dolores Park Patrol 9/24/10

Friday September 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol at Dolores Park tonight. The reason for this patrol in this area is the parties. At our headquarters we were getting in calls and reports about the drugs, the drinking, and the fighting, that has been going on in this area. Normally we don't patrol this area, but we wanted to see for ourselves how bad has it got. All angels who are going on this patrol arrive at the HQ on time, we change into uniform, we prebief. J.D. will lead the team tonight, with first aid techs, with all radio's for communication, now we are ready to hit the streets.

We march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our bus stop at 16 street BART STATION, but this is not a Mission patrol so we do not stay there very long. We then march to Delores Park, we get to Delores Park, and soon as we reach the corner of the park we smell pot. Now let see what else we come across, we then march right up the middle of the park, there is partying but nothing out of control. Next we march on, we did notice a motor-bike riding through the park, we did try to stop the guy and yell at the guy, but he was to fast. But he did leave, maybe because of the angels or maybe because he knew this was not SAFE.

Next we march on, we march around the park, we march through the park, it was not as bad as we thought it would be. Or maybe the word had got out that the angels where coming into this area, who knows. The highlight of the night was pouring out beers for drinking in public, but that's OK because these bad guys respected us for doing it, they knew this was breaking the law. Well J.D. is calling it a night, there is not much else that can be done in this area.

We then march back to the bus stop.

We do get to our stop at 16th street BART STATION, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop at 6th street. But as we where a block away from our stop a gang banger jump on the bus for free, we look at this guy real good, and as soon as we got to our stop we asked the guy to get off the bus with us and he did. We then hand cuff this guy, we then search this guy, but this guy was our second in command (Scorpion). He really tried to pull one on us, but we showed him because we were ready for anything. At HQ we did debrief, we change back into our street clothes, and now we do know how this park is, and we will not let this park get out of control.
Thank you Angels For Doing This Patrol, (Dolores Park).

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