Friday, October 29, 2010

Fleet Week Patrol 10/9/2010

Saturday October 9th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels and the Contra Casta Guardian Angels will be doing Fleet Week patrols today. We do this every year to make sure it is a SAFE event, for this is Fleet Week where thousands of people will be attending. There is Navel Ships in the Bay, there is the Blue Angels air show, and there is food and drinks along with souvenirs stands at this event. Back at the HQ we all prepare and get ready for one of our biggest events of the year, we change into our uniforms, we prebrief, we pick our teams. J.D. (SF Chapter Leader) will lead team one, and Spider (CC Chapter Leader) will lead team two, we have first aid techs, we will be using all radios for communication.

Now we march, we march all the way to the piers, we get to Pier 39, we begin our patrol for safety. Everything looks fine, and everyone is having fun, but we stay focus on this patrol. We march all the way to the end of the air show, some people drinking but responsibility, no drugs though, some people riding there bikes through crowds, not safe, so we ask them to walk them.

Next we break, for bathroom, for smoking, for water, and for a moment to rest because this is alot walking. Now we are ready to get back on patrols, both teams, one behind the other, but with distance apart, we then march to the Submarine that the have at one of the piers to check this area. This was a good idea, because if you where in uniform you could go inside the SUB for free, so we did, this was cool and fun because some of us had never been inside a Submarine before.

But we do get back to patrolling, until the event ends, there was nothing else that stood out or that was out of the ordinary. So J.D. calls it a day or night because it was getting late, we then begin to march back to the HQ.

As we got to the Farrie Building, there was skate boarding, there is a sign No Skate Boarding in this area, so we made them stop with alot of yelling from the skate boarders, it is the LAW and the knew this, but they stoped and we marched on. We findly made it to 5th street from our march, and just around the corner is our HQ, we all knew we made it back safe and a little tired.

Back at HQ we search our members, we do our debrief, we change back into our street clothes. We do love doing this event, it gets our organization out there, we did take alot of photo's with tourist for them to take back to there country, and people get to see what other things Guardian Angels do.

Thank You Contra Costa Chapter For Your Help!

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