Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mission Night Patrol 9/17/10

Friday September 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Mission Dist. tonight. We do have guest from other chapter's,Tiger from the Stockton Chapter, Explorer from the LA Chapter, Senior Leader Greencard from the San Jose Chapter, and Director Of California Confront from the San Diego Chapter. This is a night patrol and a night patrol in this area is very dangerous, so we need to be focus and alert for this patrol. All the angels arrived at the HQ on time, all the angels change into there uniforms, and now we are ready for prebrief.The patrol is set, there will be two teams tonight; The first team will be lead by Scorpion, he has one first aid tech on his team, this is a large team of 12 angels. The second team will be lead by Greencard, we are the back up team, this is a small team of 5 angels. The reason being for this smaller team is so we could maneuver faster, and get to the larger team faster, there are other reasons for this but we cannot tell these procedures.

Next we pass out all the radio's for communication, we choose partners, we call the Mission Police Dept. to advise our patrol, now we are ready to hit the streets. Next we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our bus stop 16th street BART STATION, we post up on both corner's of BART. Same old story, the bad guys see us they run that way and they this way, but they leave and it calms down. But we just don't leave that fast, the second team stays posted up at the BART STATION while the first team checks the alleys. First team then arrives back to the BART STATION to the second team to advise us, they pick up dirty needles and that the alley is all clear.

We march on, up Mission St. we post up on a few corners, they are calm, we check out our park, it is locked, so we march on. Next we get to our rest stop WALGREEN'S, bathroom break, smoke break, and water break. If we did not do this or if we did not have this Resource, we could not stay out as long as we could.

But it helps us a great deal, we did have people stop to ask questions about us, and we take time to take some photo's, and we did have enough time talk about our berets because of our different styles, but we have to get back on patrol.

Next we march to 24th street BART STATION, we get there, we post up on both corner's of BART, we did come up on this man that was stone drunk with his credit card sticking out of his pocket, and he had his NIKE shoes off of his feet. So we did wake the man up and explained to him in Spanish that he needed to go home and to get off the streets, he did.

This area was all clear and we could tell how calm it was, so Scorpion puts the teams on bus #14 for a small bus patrol, this too was all clear. Scorpion then decides to call it a night and to head back to the HQ, as we are already on the bus it wasn't before long that we where back to the HQ. All the angels know what we do next before we leave, we go right into debrief, it is a good debrief, it is a debrief that is never the same, but debriefing helps us to become better. We then put the radio's back into there chargers, change back into our street clothes, and remind everyone what we must do tomorrow.

We the San Francisco Chapter Thanks
LA Chapter
Stockton Chapter
San Jose Chapter
San Diego Chapter
For There Help and Dedication!

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