Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mission Night Patrol 10/16/10

Saturday October 16th 2010, will be a night patrol in the Mission Dist. This is a patrol with angels from other chapters, along with the San Francisco Guardian Angels. We all meet at the HQ for this patrol, this will not be a major patrol, this will be a patrol we had got a call on about some drug dealing at the 16th street Bart Station. Our major event will be the following day in Oakland, and that event has already been planed out. As we prepare for this night patrol, we did our prebrief, all angels are in uniform, all angels are ready to hit the streets. There will be one team tonight for this patrol, J.D. will lead the team, we will use all radios for communication.

Next we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop 16th street Bart Station. As we post up at the station, it is calm now and there is not much activity, not much that we could do here at this moment. But we know that there are other hot spots that we can check out, then we can come back to see if these drug dealers are at this station.

We then march to the alleys, Hunter's Alley, Lover's Lane Alley and Travis Alley, we did pick up dirty needles, these alleys are clean. We then march back to the 16th street Bart Station, and there they are, about 10 gang bangers, dealing there Crack Cocaine. We did see one drug deal, but it was to fast.

Next we post up right next to them, then someone else comes up to buy drugs, we saw this and we jump right on it, we ask them if they wanted to go to jail, we asked them to leave, we asked them to back off.

They wanted to fight, they took off there jackets, they called us every name in the book, they said they wasn't going to leave. We did have to use alittle force to back them away, but we where not going to back down. They did leave, and it did calm down, for a short moment, they then came back with more guys, but there was No more drug deals that we could see. We stayed post up as long as it takes, until they findly gave up an left, this corner is now at peace. We then called it a night, we got back on the bus #14, we got to the HQ, we did debrief.
Thank You LA Chapter's for your HELP!

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