Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, 4/24/10 Mission Patrol

Saturday April 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will have a full schedule today, we have a self defense class, and a split patrol of two teams. One team will do an event at Union Square, and the other team will do a patrol in the Mission Dist. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 3:00pm to change into their uniforms, and to begin the self defense training. Our instructor is one of our own members in the chapter, code name Warrior. This training was on Pressure Points on your body, and believe me every angel did feel the pain from those pressure points, and we were shown how to do take downs by using them.

We as Guardian Angels do try to receive as much training as we can, in Self Defense, First Aid, CPR, and Handcuffs. This helps the angels to be better trained for the streets against the bad guys, and to be better prepared when we need to save someone's life. After the training we begin with prebrief for our up and coming events, and we do have a few for the month of May. Next we move on to who will be leading the teams to these areas, Greencard will lead the team for Union Square event, and Scorpion will lead the team for Mission Dist. We will use all radios for communication, we do have two first aid techs one for each team, and now we are ready to hit the streets. The plan for both teams is to march to Union Square to see how big this event is and if both teams need to stay there or not. We get there, we post up, we decided that one team could handle this event, Greencard's team will be the one to stay at this event with two radios and one fist aid tech. As for Scorpion's team he will have the other two radios with the other first aid tech to march to the bus stop, and to ride the bus to Mission Dist. for a patrol of that area.

This is time consuming but we try to do our best with what time we have left in the day. Scorpion's team gets to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop 16th street BART STATION, we post up for a while, it is calm, all clear. Greencard radio's Scorpion to advise him that his event is a code four, Scorpion advises Greencard the same code, code four. Scorpion then marches the team up Mission St. all the way to Alioto Park, we check it out, it is all clear. Greencard radio's Scorpion again to advise him that they had just took two small bags of weed off of some bad guys and that they had went to jail, but now it is code four, Greencard out.

As for Scorpion's team we then marched to 24th street BART STATION, we post up for awhile, it to was all clear.

Now we where thinking this is going to be one of those nights until we get to Travis Alley, man you talk about a pipe, a really big pot pipe, this was a major find, someone stashed it in the alley to not have it in their home, but it is not there any more.

So all in all, Scorpion's team did a good job in the Mission Dist. Greencard's team did a good job at the event. We then next radio each other to call it a night, and that we would meet each other at the HQ.

We all got back to the HQ, we change back to our street clothes, we did debrief. As this chapter grows and grows, we can do more things, we can go to more places, we can help more people. But this takes money, we do need your donations, so please donate to the San Francisco Guardian Angels!

We would like to Thank! these chapters for being a part of this day.

-San Jose Chapter
-Santa Clara Chapter
-Conta Casta Chapter
-Richmond Chapter


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