Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mission night patrol, 4/17/10

Saturday April 17th 2010, we the San Francisco Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Mission Dist tonight. We will have two photographers with us on this tour, Grant and Sasha, and we will make sure they will be protected on this tour. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 3:00pm to get ready for patrol, we change into uniform and we do our debrief. J.D. and Greencard did put everything on the table for the chapters; up and coming events, the La Carnival and the World Convention, we will be ready for them both. Now back to the patrol, Lion will lead team one, Electra will lead team two, we do have two first aid techs one for each team, we will be using all radios for communication on this patrol. This will be a regular routine tour of this area, everyone is advised, we have also called the Mission Police Dept. to check in, we are good to go. Next we march to the bus stop to catch bus #14, we ride the bus to our bus stop 16th street BART STATION.

We all know what to do once we are off the bus, we post up at this corner, it is all clear. We march on to the alley-ways, Hunters Alley and Lovers Lane Alley, as always we pick up all the dirty needles, we see the addicts run out of the alleys, now the alleys are all clear. We check on Kid Power Park, it is a very observed park, and it is a locked park during the night, it is all clear. Next we march back to 16th street BART STATION, one team on each corner station across the street from each other.

As for team one, Lion's team, we are faced with a drunk female that is out of control, two drunk males that are about to get into a fight. So we handle the two drunk males first, we make sure that they where separated apart to calm them down, and they did calm down. We did ask them to leave the area to go there separate ways and they did, one gets on the bus, the other waits for a minute then he hops on that same bus, at least they where calm down and they left the area.

As for the drunk female she was yelling and waving, but the next thing you know she was trying to grab the camera out of one of the photographer hands. But as we did advised, this photographer was protected by one of our angels, this angel did a very good reaction to this drunk female that kept her from getting this camera, great job Warrior. As for team two they are our back up for team one if we need them, they are in view and in radio contact for this patrol. Next we march on, we march up from 16th street BART STATION to 22nd street to check on Alioto Park, it is all clear.

Next we march to 24th street BART STATION, we post up, it to is all clear. Next we march down 24th street to Potrero St. we post up a few times, we did observe a suspicious vehicle going in circles around the block but nothing happened, this area is all clear. Now we get to march back to 24th street BART STATION from Potrero St. but before we get there team two checks out Travis Alley, it is all clear.

We do get to 24th street BART STATION, we do post up again at this corner, it is all clear. What can we say this was a quite night, and all we could do next was to march back down to16th street BART STATION. But before we get there we decided to check on Alioto Park again, this time we walk in on a couple, a male and a female making out and drinking, we advised them to leave the area and that this park is off limits at night, they left, it is now all clear. We got to16th street BART STATION, we posted up on both corners again, it is all clear again.

Lion advises the team to call it a night, we get on bus #14, we get to the HQ, we debrief, we change back into our street clothes. There was one thing that was said in debrief, that this was a boring patrol, the answer to that was, We All Came Back SAFE!

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