Thursday, April 8, 2010

Convention planning, 4/3/10

Saturday April 3rd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels have a very busy schedule today. The schedule is, all chapter leaders and their 2nd in commands will be staying for the world convention meeting. All other leaders and all members from each chapter will be going out on patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. The world convention hasn't been in California in a long time, not since 1992. For this meeting every chapter from California is here today in the San Francisco HQ to come up with a plan for the world convention. It is going to take time, it is going to take money, and it is going to take all of the chapters to come together to work together for this world convention. So a lot of ideas are put on the table, no decisions are decided, and we cannot let out the date just yet because it could still be change.

For this patrol, the patrol leader is Lion, he is a good leader and he does know what he is doing, they will using all radios for communications, and there are two first aid techs on their patrol. As for their return, and for our meeting to end, we will be doing a debrief on how their patrol went.

Everyone did give good feedback, and it did turn out to be one of those patrols that everyone learned something, this is good. This was a very productive day, and these kind of days doesn't happen all the time, but it did come true because we want this to be the best convention EVER!

Thank You Chapters For Showing Up;:

1. San Diego Chapter
2. San Francisco Chapter
3. San Jose Chapter
4. Stockton Chapter
5. Salono Chapter
6. Sacramento Chapter
7. Richmond Chapter
8. LA Chapter
9. Inland Empire Chapter
10. Huntington Park Chapter
11. Contra Costa Chapter
12. Oakland Chapter

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