Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mission night patrol, 4/30/10

Friday April 30th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are doing something that we have never done before. This will be a night patrol in the Mission Dist. This patrol will be done by the New Generation lead by Scorpion (team one). The older angels will be back up, lead by Lion (team two). This patrol is under the watchful eyes of Greencard and J.D. The whole chapter is very excited about doing this, this has been in our plans for a long time. The New Generation are young angels in their teens, from 16yrs old to18yrs old, and their code names speaks for themselves, like:

1. Scorpion, 2nd In Command
2. Apache, Sergeant
3. NEMO, Corporal
4. Matador
5. Sonic
6. Puma
7. Robo Cop
8. Breaker
9. Maverick

The youth will help keep the Guardian Angels alive in generations to come, the youth will help keep our history passed on to their younger generations. They are our future leaders!

Now back to tonight's patrol, everyone has arrived at the HQ, everyone has changed into there uniforms, everyone is ready for prebrief. The patrol is set, we will be using all radios for communication, we have one first aid tech for both teams, now we are ready to hit the streets. We begin by posting up outside the HQ, we then march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get to our bus stop, 16th street BART STATION.

Scorpion decides to take the teams on the same tour as we do in this area. First we hit Hunters Alley, we picked up a needle or two, it is all clear. Next we hit Lovers Lane Alley, in this alley there is a John and a prostitute, but Scorpion and his team had them leave the alley, they left and now the alley is all clear. Scorpion then takes the teams up Mission St. we post up on a few corners, they are all clear.

Scorpions team did hit Alioto Park while Lions team stayed post up on Mission St, Scorpions team arrives back to Mission St. advising team two that the park is all clear. Next we get to 24th street BART STATION, we post up here for awhile, the corner is all clear. Next Scorpions team will hit Travis Alley while Lions team
stayed posted at 24th street BART STATION. Scorpions team arrives back to the BART STATION, advising team two that the alley is all clear.

Scorpion knows it is getting late, he makes the call and calls it a night. The 24th street BART STATION is our bus stop so we stay posted up to wait for bus #14, we get on the bus #14, and this bus #14 is crazy, Partiers, Drinkers, and Juveniles. We thought it would calmed down as we were on the bus, but it did not, we where not going to let this get out of hand. We did observe one male with an open beer in his jacket, we asked for it, he was mad but he gave it up by asking him to get off the bus. When he got off the bus everyone of those Partiers, Drinkers, Juveniles got off the bus, now this bus is safe and everyone on the bus was thankful. We got to our stop, we get to the HQ, we change back into our street clothes, we do debrief, and we did all come back safe. There will be a Video on You-Tube of this patrol, so please give comments on this patrol.

Thank You To The New Generation!


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