Monday, April 19, 2010

Bus patrol, Friday 4/1610

Friday April 16th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a bus patrol on a Friday Night. This is a added patrol for this weekend to see what bad guys do on bus #14. This is going to tell us what it is like on a Friday night when everyone starts their partying on bus #14. This is going to explain how all the graffiti gets tagged on the bus #14. And this is going to show us how many people do sneak in the back door without paying on bus #14. Only hand picked angels has showed up at the HQ who is going to do this patrol tonight, we march to the bus stop, we post up to wait for the bus. Next we get on bus #14, we go to our post on the bus, to watch the doors and to observe the entire bus. Tonight of all nights we the angels had prevented drunks, freeloaders, taggers, and these young juveniles from
destroying the bus on this night.

But still it was costly, there were glass doors busted, there were glass windows busted, the bus was hit, the bus was kicked. As for this bus this does happen, but we knew everyone had to be safe, and we where going to make sure it was safe as possible on this bus.

Everyone on the bus where very glad to see the angels tonight, even the bus driver kept announcing the angels are on the bus. This was a bus patrol, a bus patrol that we needed to do as angels. This patrol will be scheduled in as we begin to change out
our patrols, but we my need to give up a Saturday or two if needed. We call it a night, but this was not a long night because we will be coming back again tomorrow for another patrol. We get back to the HQ, we do a small debrief, we change back into our street clothes, and we did came back SAFE! Great job angels.


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