Monday, February 15, 2010

Tenderloin Community Meeting, 2/12/10

Friday February 12th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are attending a community meeting today in the Tenderloin Dist, We will all meet at the 631 Hamilton Building on O'Farrell St. The guests will be: Community leaders, Business Owners, Glide Outreach, and the Tenderloin Police Dept. Everyone has arrived for the meeting and now we are ready to get started.

The subjects that where discussed was;
1. What to do when approached by a drug dealer or someone invading your space?
The Guardian Angels answered these questions.

2. How could they get the Guardian Angels to do more patrols?
Glide Outreach is suggested as a resource.

3. Why cant we get the police to do more foot patrols on the streets?
Budget Cuts was told to the business owners.

4. The drug dealing is getting out of control, who has been dealing the drugs, and where the drugs are being sold?
The Tenderloin Police Dept. had answered most of these questions.

5. There are committee's being form and the residents are coming together, can everyone get involved?
The community leaders need one leader from each organization to attend a meeting once a month as a member:
-to come together with ideas and plans
-to work together with our resources
-to make this neighborhood clean and safe

This meeting turn out to be a strong meeting because it got everyone together, and this needed to be done. The one angel that will be attending this committee meeting monthly will be Greencard, everyone is sure he is the right one for this job.

We the Angels wish to thank the person that made this happened, Thank You ANNA!
We would also want to give thumbs up to the Tenderloin Police Dept. for the job that they do!

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