Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tenderloin patrol, 2/13/10

Saturday February 13th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. All the angels started to arrive at the HQ around 3:00pm, to change into uniforms, and to do prebrief. We will be only one team tonight, I J.D. will be patrol leader and Scorpion will be my second for this patrol. We will have two first aid techs, we will be using three radio's for communication on this patrol. Now we are ready for patrol and we begin to march into the TL. This will be about the same routine tour, we will post up, we will check out our resource buildings, we will check out the parks, we will check out as many alley-ways as we can, and we will hit all our HOT SPOTS.

For this patrol we picked up dirty needles, a butchers knife, a cristal-meth pipe. Back on patrol, we did come up on some drug dealing that we did not know before, we posted up, this was dangerios because these guys dident know who we where or knew what we are about. But we as angels stood our ground and we did not let any drug transactions go on, it calm down and we move on.

As we marched on, there was an elderly couple that had got off the bus in the TL, they were tourists and they had got off at the wrong stop, they where going to China Town. But we posted up to make sure they where safe and that they had got back on the bus, this was not a good place to be at night. As for Cobra's Corner a (HOT SPOT) the drug dealers where out and they are all pissed off because the could not get any business while the angels are there. But it did calm down and everyone did stay focused, we are getting better, a lot better, because this corner is dangerous.

We marched on, we next came up on some guys that where parking their car, they ask the angels if it was safe to park here, we advised them not to leave anything on there sets and that it could get broke-into, they took our advice and put everything into the trunk of their car, now it is safe.

It is now getting late, as the patrol leader I decide to call it a night and march the team out of the TL back to the HQ. The TL is the TL but we try to do the best that we can do while in this area. We do get back safe to the HQ, to get back to food and to a party, a birthday party for one of our new members, Happy Birthday NEMO. Next we begin debrief, change back into our street clothes, the patrol was a sucsess, everyone followed directions and the team did a good Guardian Angel Job, Thank You Team!

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