Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/1/09, Tenderloin patrol

Saturday August 1st 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. today, we have 11 Angels for patrol and we will be using the radios for communications. Before we leave the HQ, we have our prebrief and upcoming events, everyone is ready and everyone is focus, we will be in 2 teams, I J.D. will be lead team and Scorpion will be shadow team with Greencard as a observer.

We leave the HQ, and head out to the TL, we get to Turk St. to patrol the area, the area is all clear. We get to the 201 building where we post up for awhile, it too is all clear. Next we get to Eddy St. to patrol the area, this area is all clear, then we head to Ellis St. to patrol the area. Ellis St. and Jones St. this is where it is at today, the drug dealing and the violence, so we post up for awhile and it calms down and the bad guys leave, this is what we do. Next we get to O'Farrell St. to patrol the area, it too is all clear.

As Guardian Angels we want to do something for this city, this community, this neighborhood, but at times there are no bad guys and there are no troubles, then we must be doing something right for it to be like this. But there is one other thing that really matters to us also, that is we come back SAFE. We call it a day and we head back to the HQ, we get to the HQ, change into our street clothes and we begin our debrief. Debrief is something that helps the chapter be a better chapter, it helps us not to make the same mistakes again, it helps us to become closer to each other as a team and a chapter, it helps us in our own personal lives. It was a good patrol today and we have a very good chapter for the state of CALIFORNIA.

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