Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Night patrol, Mission, 8/15/09

Saturday August 15th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol, the area is the Mission Dist. As we normally do, we start off with prebrief before we begin our patrol, there are 9 Angels for tonight. The patrol will be only one team, and Freddy, code name Greencard, will be leading the team on this patrol, I J.D. will be his 2nd in command, and we will be using all the radios for communication.

We now partner up and head to the bus stop, we catch bus #14 to go to the Mission Dist. we get there and the first thing to do is post up, at the 16th street BART STATION. This is a hot spot for drug dealing and drug using of all kinds, on this night it seems to be somewhat calm, so Greencard calls all clear and we move on. But on this night we are out on a special patrol because a rapist has been attacking women in the area. We were asked if we could do a major patrol of the area, and that is why we are here.

Greencard is the leader for this patrol, he has done many night patrols and he knows this area like the back of his hand, he takes the team in spots that we have never patrolled before, this is good but it can also be dangerous. The patrol goes up and down Capp St. and Valencia St. and all the side streets in between and not to forget Mission St. We managed to pick up a few needles off the street and we picked up a few crack pipes as well, but there was one crack pipe that really did matter, we took it off a young prostitute on Capp St. We talked to her and advised her, she gave the pipe up and hopefully she took our advice. We move on to look for this rapist.

The night is at a standstill, and there is nothing else that seems to be going on, as Greencard is looking at everyone he decides to call it a night. It is a productive night, we did not catch the rapist but maybe he saw us and changed his mind about doing anything that night. Greencard got the patrol back safe to HQ, we did debrief, and everyone went home.

There were three members of San Francisco Guardian Angels that went to help out Oakland on this night, Cobra, Hunter, and Dragon. I J.D. received a report back from the chapter leader Ajax, she advised me that all three angels had did a very good job on the event.

I commend Cobra, Hunter, and Dragon on a well done job for representing our city of San Francisco.

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