Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/29/09 training and recruitment patrol

GreenCard, the San Francisco Senior Leader took a patrol out for a recruitment campaign because almost every city in California is suffering due to major state funding cuts that affect everybody including the police department, so in order to help not only the police department but other GA chapters as well we went on this special patrol. Towards the end of the patrol we came across a man who had a near-fatal heroin overdose.

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Our Guardian Angels trained in first aid saw a man in need of assistance, so we went to help him out. The two instructors gave the man first aid assistance, and they decided to call for an ambulance because he was in a bad shape, but at the same time four uniformed police officers arrived at the scene. When they saw our two instructors they knew what they were doing and told our instructors to keep doing what they were doing. We called for paramedics, in a few minutes paramedics arrive at the scene, and they (the paramedics) told our instructors that if they were called just a few minutes later the man would have died because of the heavy heroin overdose, so they thanked us for saving that man's life We had seven members on patrol, Scorpion was leading the group and I, Greencard, was there training Williams to become a patrol leader, because our mission is "Protect, Help and Save" citizen's lives and "Dare To Care"

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