Friday, August 7, 2009

8/5/09, Mission patrol

On Wednesday morning Greencard led a patrol in the Mission for training and recruitment purposes. With seven Guardian Angels, they rode the 14 Mission bus to 16th and Mission to begin the patrol.

At 16th and Mission we left the bus, and Scorpion led one patrol and I was leading the other.

Scorpion was leading a three member patrol (Old school, Thunder and himself) while I took the rest of the members, (Williams, Zorro, and Dragon), Williams was leading the second patrol because I was training him to become a leader.

Scorpion’s patrol posted up on 16th Street while William’s patrol starting recruiting, we were there for about 20 minutes and then we went to check "Central Park" playground located near the 16th Street, a playground that drugs users goes to do drugs, in that area it was a guy smoking crack inside the park, Zorro talked to him and confiscated the crack pipe from him and destroyed it outside the park, the suspect left the playground with nothing else but a dirty look to us.

On the way to check "Caledonia Alley" we met a resident from Rondel Place, he told us that this neighborhood was quiet and nice, but lately there have been many problems. Some of them are that people go there to do drugs, urinate and sometimes some people that come from a nearby bar on the corner use that place to have sex. We checked the area but all we found was couple of syringes, and we picked them and put them in a disposable container, and of course the heavy smell of urine. We promised to him that we are going to start doing some patrols from time to time in the area and he is going to talk with all the residents of that neighborhood to let them know who the Guardian Angels are.

After that meeting we continue our patrols, we went to 24th. Street, for recruiting, but we left the area around 3 in the afternoon because one undercover agent talked to us and told us that they were going to do "undercover ops" in the area so we decided to leave and do the bus patrols again, we have couple of numbers from some people, and after that we called off the day. -Green-Card, S.F. Senior Leader

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