Monday, August 10, 2009

Haight-Ashbury patrol, 8/8/09

Saturday August 8th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Height Ashbury distritc today. Today there will be a time change for this patrol, 11:00am to 7:00pm, a good 8 hours is just the basic time for a patrol and enough time to reach certain areas that we want to patrol. We now begin with our prebrief and plans for the day’s activities, there are 9 angels for today's patrol and we are just going to be 1 team for today, I J.D. will lead this team.

We are all changed into our uniforms, we are all focused, and we are all ready to go out to patrol. We march to the bus stop, today's bus is the #7, or the #71, or the #6, we get on the bus stop with no problems, next we get to the Haight Ashbury Dist. to the area that we are patrolling. The Haight Ashbury Dist. is different from the Mission Dist, and different from the Tenderloin Dist. but it does have crime and it does have bad guys, and it is good that we have the support of the community behind us.

We march down the main street of this area all the way to the Golden Gate Park, we did post up on some corners but there were no problems. Now we march right into the Golden Gate Park on this beautiful day, and soon as we get to where the trees are there are some bad guys that are calling us every name in the book that hate the Guardian Angels with all of their hearts, but we are ready in case it escalates, but nothing happens so we move on. We march around to the Koret Children’s Quarter, a playground for the kids, and we post up outside around the gate to observe safety and drug activity, there where no problems. We did what we could to do a good patrol for this area, we next begin to march out of the park and guess who we run right into the same bad guys again, they cuss us out again, there where no hands put on anyone and that was it, we showed no fear and we did not back down. We march out of the park feeling pretty good, next we march back down the main street of the Haight Ashbury Dist. there where no problems. Got to the bus stop, posted up and this man came up to me J.D. and ask to take a photo of us all, I said sure, he said come with him to his house where he had this set-up for a professional picture, this was a good photo and we cant wait to this guy e-mails it to us.

Got back to the bus stop, caught the bus and headed back to downtown, we were on the bus talking about the Filipino Festival and decided to go and check this out as we where on our way back to the HQ anyway. Got off the bus at 3rd street to march to the Filipino Festival, we arrive and there where a lot of people but no bad guys. So we march to the HQ, got to the HQ, change back into our street clothes and begin our debrief, everyone got a chance to speak about the day and everyone said we all did a good job for today's patrol.

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