Monday, September 29, 2008

SFGA history: incorrect characterization of the SF Guardian Angels, 1995

This article from the San Francisco Examiner describes the laudable efforts of some San Francisco residents to patrol their community from their cars and call police upon witnessing criminal activity. However, it inaccurately references the San Francisco Guardian Angels:

“Unlike the well-known Guardian Angels...Portola Patrol ‘is nonconfrontational, it’s not a get-in-your-face kind of group,’”

For the record, we work to reduce crime and confrontations, and we do not antagonize people on the street or advocate "get-in-your-face" type of actions.

Our primary purpose is to serve as a visual deterrent to crime, and the last thing we want is a confrontation with criminals. While we train and are prepared for a confrontation, we work to resolve situations peacefully and attempt to call the police before getting involved in a risky situation ourselves.

We are not vigilantes. We simply dare to care to make our neighborhoods and cities as safe as possible as peacefully as possible

Neighbors in S.F. launch Portola area crime patrol;

Rachel Gordon. San Francisco Examiner. San Francisco, Calif.: Jan 19, 1995. pg. A.1

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Christian said...

The drunks working at the sf gate have thrown that newspaper company down the drain. I've never heard of the guardian angles until I saw you guys on KTVU. Thank you guys for your hard work.