Saturday, September 13, 2008

Patrol in the Mission, 9/13/08

On patrol in the Mission today things went smoothly, but there is a lot of tension in the neighborhood over the recent murder of the SF Hell's Angels leader and his upcoming funeral as hundreds of bikers are anticipated to arrive today and tomorrow. We did our normal patrol and ran into some local news stations who interviewed us.

The weather was cool as we cleared Hunter's Alley. We came across a homeless couple eating lunch in the alley and picked up five used needles. The pic below is of three Guardian Angels at the mid-point of Hunter's Alley.

After Hunter's Alley we walked down a parallel alley on our way to Kid Power Park and came across two men camped out in between the cars of local residents. We had them leave the area as someone's driveway is not a campground. When we got to Kid Power park (pictured below) it was filled with families enjoying the day. We searched the park but didn't find any contraband.

After Kid Power Park we headed down Mission Street and broke up a drug deal. Two men had cash in hand and a drug dealer was about to pull the drugs out of his pocket when he saw us approaching about 20 feet away. He immediately put whatever he had in his pocket and took off. The potential buyers saw us, put their money back in their pockets and walked off.

We then walked to Alioto Park and woke up a sleeping man and told him that he can't sleep in the park. Oftentimes, people will use the park to sleep on the benches which creates a hostile atmosphere for any families that want to use the park. Two men were in a corner of the park and looked to be dealing or using drugs, but when we questioned them they denied it, but as we took a break and made it clear we weren't leaving they left the park shortly thereafter.

We proceeded to the 24th St. BART station and posted up for a while. Then we headed down Mission to 25th to clear Travis Alley. As we were walking towards Travis Alley, a man ahead of us turned down the alley, and we suspected he might be getting ready to deal or use drugs, so we gave him some time to get settled and then headed down the alley.

When we came upon him he was standing to the side of the alley appearing to be waiting on someone. We exchanged friendly "hellos" and continued to clear the alley. After we passed by him though he immediately left the alley, but soon after he left two men came down the alley, looked around, and then sarcastically asked us if we had any weed to sell them. We had clearly just gotten in the way of their drug deal with the man who had just left the alley.

After Travis Alley, we walked down 24th St. towards Potrero and when we passed Treat, there were news vans and crews outside shooting a story about the Hell's Angels leader who was shot there. They interviewed and filmed us for a bit, and then we continued on our patrol.

We headed back up Mission St. to 16th St. and took the bus back to end the day.

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