Monday, September 1, 2008

Misconceptions about the Guardian Angels

In 1988, the Chronicle featured a poll in which "79% of Women In Poll Approve Of Vigilantes" and specifically mentioned the Guardian Angels.

However, we are not vigilantes.

Vigilantes take the law into their own hands without recourse to lawful procedures. The Guardian Angels do not have any special authority or powers. We are citizens and must obey all laws.

We will not arrest anyone unless they have committed a crime in our presence or we have reasonable cause to believe they committed a felony. We focus on violent crimes when there is a victim. We do not arrest people for jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk.


79% of Women In Poll Approve Of Vigilantes;
San Francisco Chronicle : Nov 15, 1988. pg. A.19

New York
A majority of women surveyed think vigilante groups are doing a better job than police in the war on drugs, and more than a third approve of breaking the law to curb violent street crime, according to a poll released yesterday.

Of 1,010 women between the ages of 18 and 35 who were surveyed for Glamour Magazine's December issue, 79 percent said they approve of vigilante groups such as the Guardian Angels, who patrol the streets and subways of New York and other cities.

Forty-five percent said they think neighborhood patrol groups are justified in breaking the law in order to intimidate violent criminals.

Eighty-one percent said they believe watchdog groups deter crime, and 53 percent said vigilante groups are more effective than police in driving out drug dealers.

Thirty-two percent of the women said they would consider joining a vigilante group, and 43 percent said they would approve of their husband or boyfriend joining one.

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