Friday, May 25, 2012

5-25-12 sayin goodbye

Tonight we meet at HQ at 4pm to say our good bye to a brother and friend.On Monday we had got a call that one of our older members had pass away at that point that calls went out that we need to go and say our good byes to our brother.Highlander a great Angel and a better friend pass on to be with the Angels on high.The SFGA Would like to thank the family of Highlander for letting us be there and was able to see our brother for the last time. He will be miss by all for us.
                              This is how we show our love for a brother for they family.

 SFGA making the walk to go inside and pay our respects to the family and for us.

                                               SFGA With the family of Highlander
 Hightlander brother was very happy to see us and wanted pic with us and since we all love Highlander we wanted to do all that we can for for the family and for us as Guardian Angels.
 Would like to Thank everyone for coming out for our brother and friend he will be miss by all.
It was a sad night for all of us but we will move on and hold Highlander in our hearts and know that he will be with us on the streets for ever.Highlander we love you ! Read the rest

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5-12-2012 peir 39

Tonight  we meet at HQ at 4pm to start this patrol and need
ed down from peir 39.It was a nice night to be out little on the cold side but nothing will stop us from doing what we have to do.We had LT Sparky give a class on med. and how to use this things we have it was great to get to know something Thanks LT. Sparky

 We was on our way to the peir and this was the team for the night.

 When we are out on the streets we have a lot of people that would like to take a pic so we do so for the people if we got the time,We make the time for the poeple of this great City.

 POSTED up by Peir 39 it was nice to have people tell us that they are happy to see us.

                                                      Our leaders for the night
                                                The team posted up for pic

Thanks to all the Angel that came out for this patrol it was nice to see everyone and to have everone on there toes out there.If you see us on the streets and you would like join because you Dare to Care just come up and talk to us and we will get back to you.or just call us at 415-541-9530 leave a name and number. Thanks SFGA
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

05-05-12 TL

Tonight we met at HQ at 4pm for a little fun before we head out on patrol.We had 3 Angels that made it to safety tonight.all 3 had to earn this step up in the Angels with the San Fransico  Guardian Angels it is great to have the 3 members make it this far.after the little party we will be going on patrol to TL.
                             This is one of the Angels that got his safety tonight good job m&m
                                      This is the cake that our chapter leader got for the guys


 This is what they earn and now they will get there new safety tee to have.

                            Alot of Angels come out to be there for the three and to be a team
                                              This is what it is all look like from the back.

                                                     LEADERS with the three
 Now some of us team member never got our papers so they got us out papers tonight


                                           Time to get to the patrol time to hit the TL
                                        Bobcat posted up and ready for med or anything
                                             Team is  posted up

 JD looking at all the people on the street and we are going in sorry no pic of all people i am part of team and have to be on my toes.

We would like to thanks everyone for coming out tonight for the patrol and to the three it is time to put all the info you learn to use.REMEMBER THAT WE ARE NOT JUST GUARDIAN ANGELS  WE ARE SAN FRANSICO GUARDIAN ANGELS. Read the rest