Thursday, May 3, 2012

4-7-12 Tenderloin District

We The San Francisco Guardian Angels on April, 7 2012. We patrolled the Tenderloin District. We had a great time making this patrol happens we did prevents evnts from occuring and enforced the law. Happy Easter.
 We got to HQ around 3:30 pm and was getting ready to leave the HQ and hit the streets.We talked about where we are heading too and why and talk about what may happen or not. the team was ready to go.

 Posted up outside the HQ and team to get to head out
 Checkin the public bathroom we always fine needle in there and cookers.

 We stop to get some food for team and the nice women wanted there pic with the sfga.
 We check some of the problem spot that we know to be bad and yes we did get some to move out of there  spot.

 JD was leading this patrol and it was a great one and we had a very slow night.Thanks for all for coming out and helping making the street safer for all the people.

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