Thursday, May 3, 2012

3-31-12 Haight District

The San Francisco Guardian Angels Safety Patrol along with Contra Costa Chapter on March 31, 2012. We patrolled the Haight District, on this patrol we conducted take down training for our new as well as younger recruits we did encounter some problems that were well handeled without inflicting more problems.

The San Francisco chapter would like to thank the Contra Costa chapter for the assistance.
 We had a very large group going on this one this is williams and lion

 Ice man will lion got to group getting the team to post up and get ready to head out.

 Some of the team post up waiting to move out everyone was on there toe on this one

 group pic in the park
 The leaders having a talk and checking time giving the team a little brake

ON this Patrol the team did run in to some gang members and one of them wanted to start a fight but that didnt happen but one of them did go to jail and was taking down by the sfga.Thanks to all that come out for this patrol let keep up the good work.

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