Friday, May 25, 2012

5-25-12 sayin goodbye

Tonight we meet at HQ at 4pm to say our good bye to a brother and friend.On Monday we had got a call that one of our older members had pass away at that point that calls went out that we need to go and say our good byes to our brother.Highlander a great Angel and a better friend pass on to be with the Angels on high.The SFGA Would like to thank the family of Highlander for letting us be there and was able to see our brother for the last time. He will be miss by all for us.
                              This is how we show our love for a brother for they family.

 SFGA making the walk to go inside and pay our respects to the family and for us.

                                               SFGA With the family of Highlander
 Hightlander brother was very happy to see us and wanted pic with us and since we all love Highlander we wanted to do all that we can for for the family and for us as Guardian Angels.
 Would like to Thank everyone for coming out for our brother and friend he will be miss by all.
It was a sad night for all of us but we will move on and hold Highlander in our hearts and know that he will be with us on the streets for ever.Highlander we love you !

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