Thursday, May 10, 2012

05-05-12 TL

Tonight we met at HQ at 4pm for a little fun before we head out on patrol.We had 3 Angels that made it to safety tonight.all 3 had to earn this step up in the Angels with the San Fransico  Guardian Angels it is great to have the 3 members make it this far.after the little party we will be going on patrol to TL.
                             This is one of the Angels that got his safety tonight good job m&m
                                      This is the cake that our chapter leader got for the guys


 This is what they earn and now they will get there new safety tee to have.

                            Alot of Angels come out to be there for the three and to be a team
                                              This is what it is all look like from the back.

                                                     LEADERS with the three
 Now some of us team member never got our papers so they got us out papers tonight


                                           Time to get to the patrol time to hit the TL
                                        Bobcat posted up and ready for med or anything
                                             Team is  posted up

 JD looking at all the people on the street and we are going in sorry no pic of all people i am part of team and have to be on my toes.

We would like to thanks everyone for coming out tonight for the patrol and to the three it is time to put all the info you learn to use.REMEMBER THAT WE ARE NOT JUST GUARDIAN ANGELS  WE ARE SAN FRANSICO GUARDIAN ANGELS.

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