Monday, September 13, 2010

Tenderloin Night Patrol 9/3/10

Friday September 3rd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. We will also be having a Documentary Story done of the San Francisco Guardian Angels in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight. But we don't let this filming side track us because we have a job to do in the this area, the Tenderloin Dist. We know this area very well, and a night patrol in this area is very dangerous, so we have to be FOCUS. All Angels are advised to be at the headquarters on time for this patrol because this will be a late night, and we do need to hit the streets as soon as possible. All Angels had arrived at the headquarters, we all change into uniforms, we all get into our prebrief, prebrief is always important before our patrol.

Next we get ready to hit the streets with our teams, Lion will lead team one, Electra will lead team two, we do have two first aid techs tonight one on each team, we will also be using all radio's for communication on this patrol tonight. There will be two observers for this patrol, Chapter Leader J.D. and Senior Leader Greencard, the observers are observing mistakes, following directions, skills, and leadership.

Next we march into the area, the Tenderloin Dist. we march down streets like; Turk Street, Eddy Street, Ellis Street, O'Farrell Street, Geary Street, and we also march down streets like Larkin Street, Hyde Street, Leavenworth Street, Jones Street, Taylor Street, and one more street called Golden Gate Street.

This is the Tenderloin Dist. that we patrol, this is where the HOT SPOTS are in these streets, this is where drug dealers take over corners of these streets, and this is where you can get killed on these streets. But we still patrol no matter what, as for this patrol we took three crack pipes off the streets tonight, we picked up half a dozen dirty needles off the streets tonight, we stop a party of drinking in public at a bus stop tonight.

As we said this is the Tenderloin Dist. and if we where not here in this area, it would have been more dangerous. As we where closing the end our tour, Lion advise the patrol that it is getting late, and that it is time to march back to the headquarters.

So we march and we march right through the Tenderloin Dist. again back to our headquarters, we get there, we debrief, debrief is always important after our patrol as well, we change back into our street clothes.

As for this patrol it was different, we did have a camera on us the hole time but it did not make a difference. We where FOCUS, we where ALERT, and we followed DIRECTIONS, great LEADERSHIP by Loin. The Chapter is maturing and you could see this tonight!

Thank You Guardian Angels, And Thank You Film Guy!

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