Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tenderloin night patrol, 8/29/09

Saturday August 29th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol in the Tenderloin Dist. tonight, there are thirteen angels here at the HQ that has arrived to do this patrol. Everyone is in Colors, (Colors) means the uniform that we wear when we go out on patrol, everyone is excited because they know night patrol is different from day patrol; more bad guys, more drug addicts, more drug dealers and more drunks. We do prebrief, we partner up, and we are in two teams again tonight, I J.D. will be lead team, me plus six other angels and Scorpion will be shadow team, him plus five angels. We call the TL police station to advised that the angels will be in the area patrolling, we will be using all the radios for communication, now we are ready for patrol.

One thing about the TL we can march straight there, it is that close to our HQ, we march to Turk St. post up on some corners, it is all clear, next we march all the way to Van Ness St. everything seems to be pretty calm. Now we are ready to check out the alley ways, we spit the teams to cover one square block, one team to go down the ally and the other team to stay on the main street and meet each other on the next block, we will stay in touch with radios.

As the lead team going down this ally we walk up on a prostitute with a crack pipe, one of my guys Williams asked if this was her pipe, she said NO, so he placed it on the sidewalk and smashed it in front of her, (we do this to let them know that we do not keep these things for ourselves), and that we do not like drugs. We talked to her about getting out of this alley because it is not safe being here by yourself, she listened to us and moved on.

Next we marched down Ellis St. all the way to Jones St. posted up on some corners, they too are all clear. Next we march down O'Farrell, checked on some homeless males asleep on the sidewalk to see if they where still alive, but this is another thing that we do because if there is a chance to save a life we will do our best to do it, if we catch them in time. Next we march to Geary St. this is prostitute city, there where a lot out on this night, but we are not the police and this is not what we are looking for, we just hope and pray they have condoms for their johns to use safety.

We then march to Leavenworth St. back down Turk St. we post up on this corner because there is a main drug dealer on this street dealing his dope, he does not care about anything or anyone but he does notice the angels, he decides to leave the area. As we were posted up on this corner a young male had came up from in between two vehicles bleeding from his face stating that he had just gotten beat up from some guys that live with him in the apt. that they stayed in, we gave him first aid and got him cleaned up and advised him to go home or to get out of the streets because of how drunk he was, he was much better and he moved on.

It is getting late and it is getting a little quieter so we decide to call it a night and head back to HQ, we get to HQ to do our debrief, change into our street clothes, and comment on how we all did a great job on this crazy night, but a safe night.

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