Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Los Angeles trip and patrols, 9/5-7/2009

Saturday September 5th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be going to LA to do a Campaign; patrols, tours and events of the area. There are 12 angels that will be driving down for this trip, everyone is packed, we have our uniforms and we have our radios and everyone is ready. We leave at 3:30am in the morning and get there at 11:00am, we get checked in the hotel, take a shower, grab something to eat, now we are ready for patrols. The LA chapter leader that is in charge is Mayo, he is the one that leads the patrol for Venice Beach, we also meet up with Hound Dog from LA. The tour up and down the boardwalk was the best that it can be, NO problems and NO bad guys, but we did take a lot of pictures with all kinds of people, everyone was in a good mood and the motivation is there, Mayo our leader decides to call it a day to move on to our next event.

We are all ready and excited about this next one because it is a party that we where invited to come to meet a few people and grab something to eat, we do this to keep the Campaign going and to get ready for the next patrol, we did not stay there long because there is a lot more we need to do. We did head back to the hotel to pick up Straight-Edge from San Diego and Crash from Venture, Mayo is still with us and he is the one that will be leading the patrol in Hollywood Blvd.

We all arrive at our meeting point in Hollywood Blvd. and we are all looking forward to meeting with Alex, code name Gemini another chapter leader for LA, there are some reasons why we are down here, to show our support for LA and for Alex. We all meet him and he looks good but we all know he is still recovering, he does have one of his members ready to come out for patrol with us, his code name is Titan, so we say our goodbyes and wish him well. Hollywood Blvd. is a area for a lot of partying, and a lot of drinking, and it is the place of the incident that happened to one of our Guardian Angel Leaders, so we are prepared and we know how things can turn out. There will be two teams, Mayo will be lead team and I J.D. will be shadow team, we have trained First Aid angels and we have the radios for communication, next we march up and down the strip. It is calm night and it is better than we expected, the patrol turns out with No problems and the only thing for Mayo to do is to call it a night. We debreif, we discuss our plans for tomorrow, we head to the vehicles, and we head back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Sunday September 6th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels wake up to a new and brighter day and look forward for another patrol in LA. We still have Straight-Edge from San Diego with us, and we will be meeting up with Mayo chapter leader of LA again for today's tour. This tour will be the MAYWOOD Festival, as we get there to the festival we have to look for parking, it takes awhile but we find one. Next we team up into two teams, Mayo will be lead team and Spider will be shadow team, now we are ready for patrols but it does not look to what we expect, the crowd of people was not there, but we still did patrols up and down the festival, and posted up a few times. We got to meet the MAYOR of MAYWOOD, I J.D. was very excited to meet the MAYOR of this city and we did get photos with him. Next we move on to a home for the disabled to meet with them and to let them know who the Guardian Angels are, this was a great plan to do this because they got a chance to talk to us and to meet with us to know what we do, The day was a good day, and we had done all we could do for this event, so the leader called it a day. We went back to the hotel to have a little time for ourselves and to get pack to leave the next morning.

Monday September 7th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels wake up to leave this great city to go back to our city with a good feeling. We are all ready to leave at 8:00am, as we were driving on the road we all are talking and where hoping that we had done enough to get all of the LA Chapters confident again because no matter what, we will always be there for them and we know they will always be there for us. We made it to San Francisco by 4:00pm, it was a long trip and we all were glad to be home. I J.D. thinks that we all have learned something from our trip, not only about LA but about our selves as the San Francisco Chapter, we are a lucky chapter we are a blessed chapter and if it was not for Curtis Sliwa's dream and idea, I myself would not be the man and chapter leader that I am, Thank You Curtis Sliwa!

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Hound Dog said...

Hey J.D.

I would like to thanks you and the S.F.G.A. for coming down to help us out on our Patrol

Hound Dog