Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solano event, 9/27/09

Sunday September 27th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are assisting Solano County Guardian Angels at ROCKRIDGE Out & About Street Festival for SECURITY. All the San Francisco Guardian Angels arrive at the HQ at 9:00am to change into uniform and to do a pre-brief before we head out to the BART STATION. Now we are ready and most of us have done this before, it is all worth doing for the safety of the PEOPLE and the safety of the EVENT. Now we are on the BART heading to Rockridge, our contact is Omar AKA "O" Chapter Leader for the Solano County. We get there and we are advised on what to do, but we will need to split into two teams, I J.D. will be team one, and Cobra will be team two, we do have radio communication for both teams. "O" does go back and forth to each team to see how things are going throughout the EVENT and he does very good communication with both teams with the radio.

This is a HUGE EVENT and there are a lot of people, families with kids, and their pets and they even bring in their bicycles. As we do our tour we notice no bad guys here, no drugs or any drug dealing that we could see, no violence at all, and no thieves that could walk off with something because how busy it is. But there are always a few problems, like riding bikes in the EVENT we must have prevented some accidents that could have happened if we did not have them to get off and walk them. Next there was a lost little girl, everyone was on the lookout for her, but she was found, that was a big relief.

Other than that this is a kind of an EVENT that has fun, has all kinds of food and the memories that you can enjoy. As the day was ending we had one more problem, a homeless guy stealing all of the recycling from the containers with his store cart he had, we did let him keep what he had and escorted him out of the EVENT. Time was getting short, and it was time for San Francisco Guardian Angels to come back home, so we all said our goodbyes and thank "O" for inviting us for this EVENT. Next we got on the BART, we got off at our stop in San Francisco and headed to the HQ. We get there, we change back into our street clothes and we do our debrief, and we all said we will always remember this EVENT.

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