Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Muni bus patrol, 9/19/09

Saturday September 19th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are doing a very special patrol this evening on the #49 MUNI BUS LINE. The story had came out a few weeks back about a little boy being stabbed on this bus, this shouldn't have happened in a safe place, but it did. There are 12 angels that has arrived at HQ to do this patrol, there will be two teams, Freddy (AKA) Greencard will be team one, and I Jerry (AKA) J.D. will be team two. There is no lead team or shadow team today because we will be split up into two #49 buses, each with six angels on board, and we will be using all radios for communication. Next we begin our pre-brief for upcoming events and patrols, then pick out our teams and make sure everyone is geared up, this means everyone has a full uniform on and duty belt.

Next we march to the bus stop on foot to VAN NESS, team one gets on the first #49 bus, then I J.D. team two got on the next #49 bus, we all had decided that when we where on the buses that we would be posted up into three areas, front of the bus, middle of the bus, and back of the bus, two angels on each post. Our plan is to talk to driver, give him a flier of the incident that happened with the little boy and to ride his bus to the end of this line OUTBOUND, he agreed. As Guardian Angels we are a professional group and we act like a professional group, we answer questions, we give directions, we stand at all times for other people to be seated, and we want it to be SAFE.

We get to the end of the line, we turn around and go INBOUND, but our next stop is on 16th Mission St. where we break for something to eat. Next we get right back on the #49 bus to do another tour on this bus line, as Guardian Angels we also abide by the LAW, the law states that you have to enter at the front of the bus, this ordinance is stated on the back doors of the bus, so we did follow through with this ordinance and ask everyone to enter at the front of the bus, as bus riders they didn't mind doing this at all, I guess it is the way we had asked them to do this for the riders to listen to us. But it all work out well, for the teams, for the driver of the bus who felt very safe, for the passengers of the bus who rides this bus regularly, and for MUNI because they do care about their transportation.

There were no bad guys arrested today and we could not take the bad guy that stabbed the little boy off the streets like we wanted, but we did our best as the San Francisco Guardian Angels, and called it a night. Next we came back to the HQ from doing the bus patrols to do debrief, everyone was wanting to something meaningful from this patrol,and I J.D. explained to them that we did! Because we care about people and we care especially about kids or we wouldn't be doing this, next we said our closing prayer, and everyone went home SAFE.

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