Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waterfront patrol, 7/4/09

Saturday July 4th, 2009 we the Guardian Angels have a night patrol on this day. The area will be from the Ferry Building to Aquatic Park and around Pier 39, and to be advised that this is a Holiday for Fun and Fireworks. Our meeting time is at 4:00pm at the HQ and the time we are estimating to make it back is around 12:00 midnight.

As we are waiting at the HQ, everyone had showed up that is supposed to show up plus one new member, his code name is Williams, there are 13 Angels for tonight's patrol. Next we begin our prebreif for the patrol, there will be two teams, Greencard will be lead team with six angels and I J.D. will be shadow team with seven angels, and we will use all of the radios for this patrol for communication.

Now we march, we are headed to the Ferry Building, everyone looks sharp and everyone looks focused. We get to the Ferry Building and we post up for a while. Next we march down to the Pier 39. As we had got there at Pier 39 we notice a guy that was hanging his legs over the ledge of a parking garage three story's high, that was not safe a all, we approach the garage and yelled up at him and said could he please put his legs back over the rails of the garage, and he did with no complaints.

Now we march to Aquatic Park and before we get close to the ledge of the grass we run right into a fight, there are four males, two of them are on the ground with a headlock on each other and the other two are arguing it on. As Guardian Angels we break it up and split them apart and try to calm them down, by that time the police arrived and took one back down to the ground, then the handcuffs went on him and he went to jail. All of this is going on while the fireworks are shooting up into the sky. I J.D. like to say that we were professional about this and we did what we were supposed to do and then we moved on.

We did break up a few pot smokers that where smoking around the park, this is a minor thing for us but they listen to us and put it out. Well the fireworks are over and the people and the crowds begin to then out, and now we are ready to go back to the HQ. Now we march, march back to the HQ feeling a little tired but are in a good mood. Got to the HQ, everyone changed into their street clothes, did a quick debreif, and everyone went home safe, great HOLIDAY, great 4TH OF JULY.


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