Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mission Patrol, 7/25/09

I J.D. will not be on patrol today, the patrol will be done by the 2nd in command (Scorpion), there also will be California Leader of the Guardian Angels Freddy, code name Greencard as an observer. The patrol will be the Mission Dist. and there will be all together 10 angels for this patrol, they will be using the radios for communication.

Now we get ready to do debrief and head out to our destination. We get to the 16th street BART station and we observe drug dealers at this corner, they see us arrive and they leave but we post up as it is one of the hot spots that we have. Next we hit all the major alleys, Hunters Alley, Lovers Lane Alley, and Travis alley as well. We picked up all kind of needles, some with blood still left in them and some with drugs left in them, and we do have the containers to put them in. Next we march up from 16th street to 24th street, the streets are all clear.

Next we checked out the parks, Kid Power Park, and Alioto Park, they were all clear. Next we get back to 16th street BART station to see a few gang bangers hanging out, we post up and they leave. Next we decided to call it a day and head back to the HQ. Got to the HQ changed into our street clothes did there debrief, and they went on there own way. The report I J.D. received seems to be in order and it seems to be a great patrol, I just wish I could of been there

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