Monday, June 8, 2009

June 6th Patrol, Haight-Ashbury

Today is Saturday June 6th 2009, we have a lot on our schedule. The day starts with prebrief, the prebrief is a huge matter today because of the CONVENTION that will be held in N.Y. next week, this is very very important, and we all know this. After discussing this matter we went on to plan out our patrol for today, our area today is the Haight/Ashbury District.

We have patrolled this district before and we have been wanting to get back there, the reason is we have not received any calls from this district lately. Until recently, we were requested and we are excited to go back there, we have 10 angels for this patrol, two teams, Greencard will be lead team, I J.D. will be shadow team, and we are using all radios for communication.

We do have a contact person, his name is David, and his group is called Residents Against Drugs (RAD) but we will not meet with him until later in the day, he advised us. So we got into our two teams, paired up and headed to the bus stop, caught the #71 bus to this area. Got off at the beginning of Haight St. cut the teams in half, one on one side of the street the other on the other side of the street and marched down to the end of the strip. Stopped for lunch at McDonald's, we went inside to eat and saw a homeless man asleep in one of the seats, the manager of the store asked if we could remove him, and we did by waking this man up and asking him to leave, and he did with no problems.

As we regroup for patrol, we headed into Golden Gate Park, we are on the look out for a gang calling themselves The Fillmore Kids. We begin by cutting the patrol again to cover more area of the park, Greencard's team came across some bad guys that may have been the Fillmore Kids but were not, words were said and one of the guys had got into Greencard's face, so Greencard had to push this guy away for invading in his space, but everything cooled down and we moved on. We got to the family kid park and we patrolled around the area for a while, talked to a few kids, talked to a counselor that came up to us about one of their kids running away from their group home, he gave us a description of the 14 year old girl and his phone number in case we hear anything.

It was getting later into the day, so we marched out of the park, we posted up at Golden Gate Park's main entrance where an incident had occurred. This is where the call had originally came from, of a couple, a man and a woman had gotten robbed and beat up by the Fillmore Kids. But it was OK on this evening, next we headed back up Haight St. to David's house for a meeting, he had pass on to us on how the neighborhood has gotten, as the meeting was coming to its end he did invite us to the neighborhood cookout in his back yard, we used to come to these all the time and it was time to come back to them for the neighborhood.

This is a good thing, to get the support back, and to stay in touch, we are very glad to come back to this neighborhood, The Haight/Ashbury District. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the bus stop, caught the #71 bus, made it back to our new HQ 953 Mission St. suit 201.

We had great day, we had a safe day, we did our debrief, and we did have one promotion today COBRA to LT. Great job guys from your chapter leader, (J.D.)

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