Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday, 6/19/2009, San Pablo

The SF Guardian Angels will be going to a community meeting in SAN PABLO. This is a meeting to see if they are interested in starting a Guardian Angel Chapter there.

The Angel that has been requested to be the chapter leader there is SPIDER, SPIDER has been in the Guardian Angels for 7 years, and he has been a leader for 2 years. He is a qualified Guardian Angel, he is a First Aid Instructor, this is the angel for the job if they are ready for a chapter there.

The angels meet at the HQ at 08:00am to go to this meeting, they got to SAN PABLO at the meeting around 10:00am. The meeting had already started, the Oakland Chapter Leader (AJAX) was there, the Solano Chapter Leader ("O") was there and now we had our members from San Francisco Chapter there. The meeting was not going as expected, and there was not the right questions asked, there was not an agreement at this time. So it was undecided for a Guardian Angel Chapter to be started in this city, but there will be more decisions on this issue in there upcoming meetings as stated.

The angels had agreed to leave the meeting and to go back to our chapters to report on how the meeting went. I J.D. received this report and I understood how this meeting could go the way it did, things don't always go the way you want them, you have to work at it, and you have to be honest about it. But we will hopefully wait and see how this turns out, and to see if they will contact us in the future, we are GUARDIAN ANGELS and we don't give up.

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