Thursday, February 16, 2012

2-11-12 Chinese new year

Tonight we had the chinese new year parade.we had a very large group we had 3 teams for this one.
We got a large group and it was great to have so many angels to help us on this one there is some many people on the street for this it is crazy out there.
Omar from Solano country come to talk to the chapter And talk somethings out.IT was big of him to come talk to us would like to thank him for coming out just to talk to us.IF you are late this is what happens!

We are on our way to start walking the street.

This is the team posted up watching all the poeple out there just trying to have a great night out on the city.
So many people out tonight that it is making it hard to the angel to post up out of the way.
one of the dragons that was in waiting.
This is how it look out there so many people out there it was hard to see the other teams but it is a good thing that we have the radios.
It was a good thing we had Greencard out with us.
Team leader meeting on street they are telling us where we are going next and how they want us to get there.
this was our back ups for the night.
We like to thank Contra Costa chapter for coming out and helping us out for this one.
We got back and it was time for debeif and it was a good one but we all got some street wise tonight and how crazy it can be.We would like to thank everyone for coming out and helping with this patrol.Good job to the leaders for the night.

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2/4/12 mission patrol

We met at HQ at 6pm and was heading out by 7pm had a big turn out for this patrol and it was time to hit up the mission and see what was going on out there.SPARKY AND JD will be leading this patrol.
Three of our members that had left joined us again. Dare Devil, Dragon, and Hawk Eye. One of our members got his safety Good Job Bob Cat.

Looking around finding needles on the street we pick them up and get them off the street.

Sparky team was posted up watching JD team back.
We seen some smoke on mission street around 19th or 20th JD team went one way and Sparky team went the other way. we found the smoke and people had call about the smoke we found out it was someone cooking.

This was Sparky right hand guy on this patrol. Thank you ICE MAN!
The team was going down the ally check it out and making sure there is nothing going on in the allys we all know that the drug dealers like to go in allys to hide and user like to use in ally.
We got bacck to HQ around 11pm to do debief
We like to thank everyone for coming out on this patrol.great job by both teams Read the rest