Saturday, February 4, 2012

1-14-2012 TL patrol

Tonight we met at HQ at 5pm tonight patrol is the big bad TL.We all know that the street are never the same and all got to be on your toe out there.Lion will be leading the patrol.

We have our prebief and talk about what is going to happen and all the good stuff then get ready to hit the streets.
Posted up outside the HQ and getting ready to move.'Time for fun we had been on patrol and we know that it is crazy on the TL and we had our hands full with getting needles off the streets.

This is LT Matador the video man filming the team for the you tube video.
JD is always ready no matter where we are he is on the look out for something.
This is Debief and we are talking about what happen and your stuff.It was a good night and got to get a lot of needles off the street.
Three of our members got ranked Sparky(Lieutenant), Ice Man(Sergeant), Lobo(Corporal).

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