Saturday, February 4, 2012

1-21-2012 mission patrol

Tonight we meet at HQ at 6pm and had prebief.Going to mission tonight. We patrolled the Mission District, we split up into three teams to cover the inner and outter Mission. "Thunder" lead Mission Team, "Cobra" lead Capp Team, "Ice Man" lead Valencia Team.

TOnight JD,LION,Greencard will not be leading they will be put one on every team.
Tonight was mama T birthday so we wanted to do something for her since she help us so much. Tonight she made Safety happy birthday mama T and thank you for all that you do for SF GA.
All teams met up at walgreens for a break.
went to 24th and mission and a man had been robbed at atm down the street someone called for med to come over and help the man med said " you have a good size cut here and we will clean it up for you sir" from there we broke in to 2 teams and went back down mission to 16th street.Iceman team had a women come up to them and need help she though her car had been tow or taken.Iceman made the call to walk her to police station after the police was called and told her to go there to station.
There was a fight at 16th and mission Cobra team was there.
IT was a great night everyone got back safe and we had debief and went home Thanks everyone for coming on this patrol.

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