Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7-14-12 powell and TL

 We meet at HQ at 6pm and hit street to get some street cover tonight.Tonight our own Cobra will be leading the group tonight and it will be a fun one i am sure since we all know that you never know what is going to happen in the TL.

 We posted up and was waiting on a member to get ready to move out. but now that everyone is ready time to get going.
 4 member was told to check out the old mint .this is so we can check that everyone that is up there is ok and there is know one hurt up there since we have learn that people like to sleep up there and think it is a good place.
 team is posted up waiting to move but have to wait for 4 man team to come back
 some lady on powell street wanted a pic with us so we are more than happy to give of pics
 In TL Cobra had sent a team to check this spot out.there was a crack pipe in there but it is gone now thanks to the team.

 Needles all over the TL on the street and it is like you park and you got to look before you get out the car

                                                                      Time to eat

 Cobra got this pipe from a man that was trying to fine crack to put in her pipe

 more needles on the streets every where

It was a long night we us alot of needles off street in TL and it was 11pm time to head back to get the debief and hea home to our family.It was a great night seen alot and got a lot done in one night. Thanks to all 10 Angels that come out tonight.

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