Friday, July 13, 2012

6-16-12 Mission

                                                   talking before we get ready
 Angels are just getting there and getting dress i though i would show you all a inside of us

                                Lion tell us where we are going and why we are going there 

                                                  This is M & M doing the video for you tube

                                         posted up outside ready to rock and roll SF GA  way

 When in the Mission we try to check on the our tattoo guy he is the best in the city and he is ok with the all the pics i have taking of him and his shop thanks.
 posted ready to move out

 post up talking to a lady that had not seen us around and what to know what we was doing so we talk to her and let her know why and that we are here for the poeple of the city
 16th street we stop here all the time and we make it safe for people

To night we met at HQ at 6:30pm to headed to Mission to check the that part of the city we have  had calls to go to the mission  so we go.then it was time to go. thanks to all that come out

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