Friday, July 13, 2012

6-23-12 TL

 Lion was giving us our talk before we headed out on the streets of the TL  and everyone knows this is not a place to play around. we met at HQ at 6pm and where on street by 6:45pm.time to get show on road.

 Lion was thanking bobcat for stepping up and taking over friday patrols and for all the work that this Angels does.

 we got fans all over the city just want a pic with us and the group is more than happy to let anyone have a pic with us.

 needles are so back in the TL and everytime we go there we take a lot  of needles in the TL

                                                         posted up and looking good

it was a great night got a lot of needles off the street talk to people and let them know why we are in the TL and do what we can to let the people know that we are there and we are going to be there for years to come.

 For the the good work that Bobcat has been  doing for this group our leading is making him a sgt.

                                                                Way to go Bobcat

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