Sunday, August 7, 2011

8-5-2011 Market and powell patrol

Tonight we patrol Union square to Market Street up to powell Street to check what is going on in the Street and see what good we can do tonight.Tonight our Charpter Leader Lion will be leading the patrol.We meet at HQ at 7:15 pm tonight we had prebrief and we talk about tonight being recuiting night.
This is how we get the word out here we go on the Street and talk to the people of the city and see if we can get people to dare to care.
We post up along the way and talk to some people.We have some people that just walk right up to us and just want to tell us thank you.We the SF Angels like to have people tell us thanks you so we know that we have help so many and more out there that we can help.
We went down to Bart and posted up there for a bit letting that people know that we are there and you never know where we will be next.
We did have some people telling us that there was a problem at the ATM on Market Street so the group was taking over .Once we got there our Chrapter Leader got on his phone with the Police letting them know what was going on we had a black male watching people at the ATM taking out money the male had a knife.So the Angels post up and watch the people and the males it came down to 3 male all black.The Police was looking for him when we call it a night and headed back to HQ.

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