Monday, August 29, 2011

8-13-2011 market street

Tonight was a small patrol but we are San Fransico GA so we went out. We meet up at HQ AT 4PM and we went out on mission to 7th street and had a new Angel with us.
We did found this on this patrol and got it off the streets.
We ran into two women that was showing off there body parts so JD stop the group and we went over there to check it out and see if there was anything we can do.But not to long Sparky got assulted but some keys and we had to call the police at this point.
This is what hit Sparky.
At this point we just waited for the police to let us know
when we can leave.
But we stayed posted up and never back down.

WE left the seen and move on to do our patrol and get more things done on this patrol we walk around and headed back to HQ around 7pm
But it was a good patrol cause we all came back safe and Sparky was ok.thanks for all that was there.

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