Monday, August 29, 2011

8-25-2011 Silence The Violence

Today we went and join the United Playaz in the stop the violence march.We meet at HQ at 3pm to go down to the park and meet up with the Playaz at the park.
We posted up on the walk down to the park.And we still was on patrol as we walk to the park.stay in two lines and did the job the we had to do on the way down there.
Post up at park waiting for the march to start.
We as a group we watch the people in the park talk about what it mean to them to be there in the match.
Our Charpter Leader went up there and talkl to the poeple there too.
Alot of people was there for the march.
The SF GA would like to thank the Unitied Playaz for asking us to join them on the march.

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