Monday, May 17, 2010

Asian Heritage Festival/ Kid and Dog Park Festival 5/15/10

Summer time is coming soon and along with it are many events that will be happening in San Francisco. On May 15, 2010, there were two events and the Guardian Angels were capable of covering both of them, with the help of the San Jose and Contra Costa chapters. All angels arrive at the HQ and gear up for these two events early morning. We do a prebrief for whats planned for the day and also for upcoming events.

On the way to one of the events, Scorpion’s group saw a bunch of clothing and shoes laying in the middle of the street intersection. It was Scorpion's call to remove them off this intersection to avoid an accident. JD directed traffic, while Matador and Puma picked them up.

That shows the people that we care for their safety, and try to make the community not only safe, but clean.

The first event was the Children Festival that we were invited to, which was a fund raiser for children programs at Duboce Park. We were able to have a booth, which we set up to educate people about who we are and what we do and to also get new recruits for those that were interested. We also put out candy for children. Ren of San Jose and Scorpion had a team of nine Guardian Angels.

The group went there fully prepared with information about the Guardian Angels. Once they were settled, a lot of people started to gather around the table to see what the Guardian Angels were all about. Many of them did not know who we were, but with all the information we gave, they were really thankful for what we do for the communities.

During the Children Festival, some of the angels stood by the booth, while the rest patrolled around the park to make sure it was secured, for the families and their children.

Meanwhile at the Civic Center Plaza, there was another event, the Asian Heritage Festival, which is one of the biggest events in San Francisco. Lion and Greencard led the group of twelve angels. It was a crowded place to be with plenty of people attending the festival. The Asian community were happy to see us there. We also met some Asian community leaders.

No major incidents happened, but we were able to communicate and give information to some people that did not know who we were. We passed out flyers in hopes of interesting new recruits. It was the second time we've done this event. As the patrol in this event went on, we came upon a man, who was harassing people. So we confronted this man, whom we got some yells and mocks from, but he was able to leave the area peacefully and nobody was hurt during this incident. While we were patrolling the area, a woman came to us and told us that her child went missing.

We tried to get information from her about her child but she ran frantically and left trying to look for her son. Minutes later we found out that this woman eventually found her child. We posted up in strategic places to secure the area. Later in the evening, the rest of the crew led by Ren and Scorpion, showed up at the Asian Heritage Event and they passed the information about how the Children Festival had went.

On this day, we pulled it off by having two different patrols in two different events. Nine angels at the Children Festival and twelve angels at the Asian Heritage Festival, because this event was much larger. At the end of the day, we know we did our best and we were able to secure both events very well. Knowing that not one major bad incident happened, shows that we did what we try doing our best on, which is keeping our communities clean and safe. We did it and we will keep doing it because we the Guardian Angels dare to care!

The San Francisco Guardian Angels would like to thank the San Jose and Contra Costa chapters for their help.

*On another note, we received a call from Gemini, the LA Chapter Leader, that one of the members, Richard Garcia, had passed away. Gemini also invited us to attend the funeral. Since it was a short notice, we were not able to attend but were able to pay our respects to him, by wearing black ribbons on our colors over our hearts for our brother, who died of natural causes. Also, before we even headed out into the streets to these events, we said a prayer honoring our brother and also his family. We dedicated this day to him. Rest in peace brother.

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